About Last Night: Make Love to Me Part #2

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I couldn’t help it. I grabbed his head and

tried to ram it in me. What a feeling! Oh my God What a feeling! He was making noises as if someone had perfected his favorite dish.

“Mmmm yummmm yummmmm mmmmm”

He grunted.

At this point my eyes were rolling to the back of my head like I was possessed. He slurped on my clit til it was swollen. One hand massaging my breast. The other keeping my pussy lips apart. He licked every inch of me.

He had me sucking air in like I ate a bag of jalapeños.

“Sssssssssssssss Mmmmmhmmmm”

Even though he licked, slurped, and sucked my pussy clean, his face was a mess. But I was so damn turned on I licked and sucked his face clean too. We started French kissing again. I was biting his bottom lip when all of a sudden I gasped with pleasure as he entered my sloppy wet pussy. He tried to cover my gasps up with kisses but I couldn’t help but keep my mouth open as he moved further and further in me. He was already at my g spot in just a few strokes.I dug my fingers into his back and that must’ve really turned him on cause he put his hands under my ass cheeks pushing himself further in me as he picked up speed. Then he was giving me deep long strokes circling inside my pussy.

“Ooooooh Shiiiitttt!!! Baby!”

He kept going. I was in heaven.

He latched onto my neck as he kept going. I could feel myself getting ready to come but I didn’t want to. I think I did some sort of wrestling move the way I flipped my self on top of him. I was ready to ride!

First I put hands on his chest and I started riding him in circular motion. I knew it was feeling good to him the way he started grunting. He sat up and sucked on my breast massaging them while I hopped up and down on his dick. Damn it felt good but I pushed him back down anyway. I was ready to return the pleasurable favor. I had my hands stretched out behind me on his knees. I was moving up and down but like I was scooting. I started rolling around on that dick with my head hanging back. Briefly I saw the ceiling while my eyes were rolling to back the back of my head again. I closed them so I could continue to take the moment in. I continued to grind on his dick.

“Shit you gone make me cum” he said still laying there enjoying the ride.

I could tell he was getting closer. He sat back up and pulled me into him by my ass cheeks. We kissed some more while I was still riding him. When I felt the tingling sensation coming on I wrapped my arms around him and buried my head into his neck. I was picking up speed and so was he. He was pumping into me. I felt his dick in my stomach. I was rolling on him now. Faster and faster as he pumped harder and harder up me. I was gripping his neck tightly. Sweat was pouring down from both our faces. I tensed up then I whispered in his ear.

“Baby I’m about to cum”

Then I screamed as he grunted

“Ohhhhhh ! Oh Yesssssss!”

The Ohhh’s were loud but my Yes was a whisper.

“Argghhhhhhh” He throbbed inside of me.

Then we kissed again.

Ending the moment with pecks to my lips, he spoke back in his Spanish accent.

“Madam, I just want you to know I accept tips. Cash, Visa, American Express....”

Last night was, well...... It was what I needed!