Should I even bother to test? A Lil tmi

So AF was due to make her appearance 4/30 and never showed up so of course I got excited and decided to hold off until tomorrow morning to test since it had been a full 2 days late because I was scared to get a negative since I haven't tested any and have been trying to be good about holding off. Well, I had gone all day today with nothing until I went to the bathroom and there was a little tiny speck of blood but only when I wipe so of course I get bummed and put a panty liner on and the last 4 hours I just have a brown spot in my panty liner and when I wipe it's just pink slimy mucous. Usually my periods start off really heavy and with dark blood but it hasn't been the case yet. I ovulated sometime between 4/13-4/18 and my SO had sex about 4 days in between those with some before and some after spacing them out so I was hoping this was our month since I felt like it was. The point is should I even bother testing still and be hopeful or let it go and assume it's just AF.