Advice for first time mommies!!!

Morning sickness sucks, take it one day at a time! Seek help from other moms when creating your registry! Don't buy too much stuff, I know you will want to, but you will get tons of things at your showers. Do your research and ask friends or glow about good strollers and car seats! Don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions! Don't plan a shower too close to your due date, you could deliver early and you need time to put things in their places and organize your nursery! Wash newborn and zero to three month cloths ahead of time! Look to Pinterest for packing hospital bag advice! Practice putting your car seat in the car, spouse or SO needs to do that too! Make your birthing plan known to everyone! Stick up for that plan! Do a tour of your hospital! Breastfeeding is hard and hurts at first but seek advice from others and talk with the lactation consultant before you leave the hospital! Relax, get a pedicure, take a bath! 9 months goes fast and the first year of their life passes in a blink of an eye so remember to enjoy every moment!! Other mommies please comment and out other great pieces of advice you can give FTMs!!!