I think this is it.

Hubs and I have been TTC.

I usually psych myself out with every "symptom" and being so in tune with my body. So I took a yoga class and decided to chill, while keeping very good logging.

Glow predicted I was at my peak the 23rd, I use BBT and CM tracking and noticed that the 24th not only did I have a temp dip, but a pain in my left ovary for about 3 seconds. It was very distinct and we BD'd 3 days before, the day of the 24th and the 2 days after....just in case.

Last night I had a creamy pink when I wiped, which was gone an hour later. Has yet to be seen again. Implantation bleeding!

This morning I had an ovulation dip in BBT by .5°, right on schedule.

I am really trying not to wish and hope to discover I am a mommy on mother's day.....but my mom went into labor on mother's day in 1991.

Come on God and baby karma! Get all the galactic juices flowing and let this be my BFP month!!!!