Extreme anxiety and how to overcome it?

Ashley • 20 years old♍️ One daughter born on October 31st 🎃 In love ❤️

My anxiety has taken over my life. I find it so hard to have a conversation with people other than my boyfriend. I get so nervous now to hang out with friends I've known for years and when I make plans to hang out, I get stressed and cancel :( I feel like cap because I miss my friends but I'm going to loose them if I keep staying at home and not see them.

I feel so exhausted after hanging out with people and I just want to be alone all the time. It's even affected me finding a job. I can't work with lots of people and my boyfriend tells me to suck it up because we're going to have a baby in october and we need as much money as we can. I agree with him but I just can't work in certain places. I don't want to apply for a job I know I won't be good at and waste that companies time. Lol I know 'beggers can't be choosers' but it's harder than it seems.

I'm finding myself slink into an anxiety filled hole and I can't get out of it. I used to be outgoing and could come up with things to say instead of being quiet or just laughing at everything people say. I'm finding it hard to even look people in the eyes!

What steps could I take to get over this? Does anyone else go through this?