Losing my baby. *Update 1*

Incompetent cervix- they caught mine at 20 weeks. I agreed to let them “wait and see” for 2 weeks if progesterone suppositories were enough to reverse the damage. And it was not. So I allowed the professionals to place an emergent cerclage at 22+5 (1 cm dilated). I haven’t made it through the week, cerclage is out only 5 days later because I had an onset of contractions yesterday and now today bleeding.

I suggest every pregnant woman who gets a scan between week 12-20 ask about their cervix. Granted they’ll only do something once you’re shorter than 2.5 cm or so, depending on how far along you may be, This whole experience could have easily could’ve been prevented and now I’m losing my first baby boy. Sitting through contractions that inevitably will result in me going home without him has got to be the worst pain I’ve ever experienced. 21 years young and I now know the feeling of grieving my own child.

*I appreciate every prayer and kind word on our behalf. Since I wrote this, my husband and I have revisited the idea of trying everything once our son comes to intervene and keep him alive. I’ve gotten magnesium and one of the two steroid shots but my water has broken and my contraction are seemingly stronger. I won’t be eligible for the second until 10 pm (pst). I also had an epidural at noon in hopes to slow down my labor, I’ve been at 4 cm for nearly 24 hours.

We do have faith in the works of miracles. While I fully understand that the doctors and other professionals who’ve been looking after us have studied and done their works here, I look not to offend or undermine their achievements...ultimately God has omnipresence and omnipotence and deserves the upmost recognition in my life. I will thank the medical professionals doing everything in their power and I will praise The Most High for this strong, resilient boy I soon get to meet 💙💙💙

Also I decided to post this in this specific group with hopes of reaching more women than just those who already know of their cervical incompetence. I hope other women are proactive and do not lose their first babies to this very preventable, excruciating experience.*