Help !

So I'm 20... 21st birthday is two months away.  Is it bad that one of the things (not first) that I thought about was ugh. What if I can't drink on my 21st birthday. Ha. 
Anyways. I think I might be pregnant. My boyfriend thinks so too. We haven't been using a condom for months now. He doesn't pull out either. But I'm on the birth control pill. That being said my period is pretty regular. Had my period april 14-20. Had unprotected sex the 11,12,13,20,24,25,26 of April and then experienced light spotting that was mostly brownish for a couple hours the 27th and in the morning on the 28th. My average cycle is 26 ish days. I've been extremely nauseous the last few days and my boyfriend keeps asking if I'm pregnant every time I go throw up but I just don't think that if I took a pee test, it would show anything yet because it's just hardly been two weeks since the last day of my period. And I feel like it would be WAY too early to be showing signs of pregnancy. Help? Opinions? Thanks :)