Things that bother me / I need to rant!

-anyone who wants abortions to be illegal-- nobody should make choices for someone else's body. And while you could argue that then the woman shouldn't be allowed to harm a "child" (it's a lump of cells 😒) that child effects her body so she should have a say 
- people who enter countries illegally. Sorry. But the rest of us had to do it so should you. I'm an American and my family worked their ASSES off to help build this country. And the other half of my family were immigrants who came here LEGALLY. We have laws for a reason! 
- anyone who shames another person for their life choices or when people comment "please don't kill your baby" I can't stand that! (You could argue im shaming people but I would never attack someone on any of these things. I'm usually a silent bystander and I don't let people's opinions on one subject determine how I feel about them. I'll usually just avoid that subject) 
- anyone who tries to push their religious onto others. 😣
- anyone who is vocally hateful towards another human about choices they made with their body. Whether it be tattoos or piercings or weight or clothing. Just hush up! It's not your place to say anything.