Implantation Bleeding

Jean • 👼 May 2015 (Ectopic 6 weeks), 🌈 👶 April 2017, 👼 June 2018 (MC 7 weeks), 👼 November 2018 (Chemical), 💕 Expecting #2 September 2019
Hi all! I just thought I would share my story because I didn't see a whole lot of similar situations from anyone. 
I started spotting brown the night before AF was due and then the next day I had a lot of brown blood similar to my period (enough to need tampons). This lasted 5 days so I was convinced it was my period. As soon as it started to slow down on day 6 where it was just spotting again, I started testing for ovulation. I have a short cycle so it was normal for me to start testing right after my period. It came up positive for ovulation. Then I tested the next day in the morning and in the afternoon and it also came up positive. This made me wonder so I decided to take a pregnancy test. To my shock and delight, it was positive!!! So I went to the nurse to get a formal test the next day and it came up negative. I was so upset! Well, I called the OB nurse and she told me I just came in too early and told me to come back in a week. The next doctor's test a week later came back Positive! 
I just wanted to ease some of your minds in case you are going through the same thing. I am still spotting every day and it has been 2 weeks since I thought I had AF. Good luck to everyone and don't lose hope!