3 Months TTC

Jennifer • Mommy of 1 boy, trying for number 2!

I'm 32 and my hubs is 35. We got married 2-24-14 and decided to start ttc after 1 year of marriage. It's both our first marriage and will also be our first baby.

Anyone else get tired of people saying things like "don't stress or it won't happen" or "just let it happen"?

We want to have 2 children so at our ages we'd like to get preggers pretty quickly and have them close together.

For me once we committed to ttc it's constantly on my mind. Everyone says don't think about it or it won't happen. For me that's impossible. I know 3 months is NOT a long time to have been ttc, but for me it feels like a lifetime.

Anyone else feel the same?