What do you expect baby to look like?

B • Counting down the days💙
I've read so much about how women will dream of their baby throughout pregnancy etc and some women seem to know from ultrasounds which parent the baby will resemble??? I have such a hard time imagining any of that. Maybe it's because I'm a FTM and have no previous experience to gauge this on but it's something I think about constantly. I had a brief 3D peek in my scan at 27 weeks..watching him smile and make faces was so precious! But to think about that little face being an actual person I'll meet in a couple months doesn't add up to big revelations for me. My sister told me today she dreamt about my baby last night and he had lots of dark brown hair and brown eyes..but knowing my husband and I, that's almost a given! I've only ever dreamt about being pregnant, no baby, so it's funny to hear predictions from a mom of 3.
FTMs - what has this been like for you in general??
Mommas - did you have any ideas formed about what baby would look like? Did they at all match with your nugget the day you delivered? Has it gotten easier to picture with subsequent pregnancies or is it always a surprise?