Needing a friend

Nicole • My name is nicole my fiancee is devin and i have 3 kids of my own he has 2 and now we trying for one together. I love mommy life.
My last period was march 29th to April 2nd or 3rd. I have not started yet and was due to start the 27th according to glow calendar i am usually pretty accurate with when i start well the 27th i only spotted the 28th spotted and the 29th spotted now nothing since i took test on may 2nd which was negative but my last pregnancy took 6 weeks to come back positive. And i did the exact same thing with that pregnancy i am scared i may be pregnant and its to soon. I have had 3 c sections due to big babies this will be my 4th if i am also my youngest is almost 8 months please i need a friend im going crazy thinking of all the things that could go wrong. I am on bc but missed a week because i was out of town and forgot my pills dr wouldnt refill without seeing me first.