Hospital Bag and Newborn Prep


This is my second so you’d think I’d have a better idea of what I need to do but my brain is broken between having a 3 year old and my house being under construction (my husband had great timing 🙄). So two questions—-

1) what do I need in the hospital? I over packed with my first and I don’t think I even opened my bag once. So I can’t even say packing a bag was worth it with my first. But if anyone has a small list, that’d be great.

2) what’s should I set up for the first few weeks/months of newborn-life. We’re renovating a room to move our 3 year old in and the baby will be in our room until 6-9 months like my first. So I have no where to store baby stuff at the moment. I’m really really really overwhelmed with the idea of our house being even more taken over with clutter and disorganization. I don’t think I’ll go into labor until I feel that it’s somewhat under control. I’m freaking out that I maybe have 2 outfits accessible right now and the rest are somewhere in my attic. Any super organized people out there who have a list of ‘must set up’s before baby. I have everything I need just not in arms reach currently.