Period Sex Questions


Okay so me and my boyfriend have talked about period sex a few times but it always sounds like he's afraid of it and getting blood on him. We both are pretty open to trying things at least once and I'm incredibly up for it because my cramps are awful and I also have a hard time orgasming and have read that having sex on your period can help with both.

My questions are:

Does anybody else have a S/O that sounds scared of period sex?

Anyone out there had period sex willing to give advice for a first timer? Like was there blood everywhere, did it get all over his dick, what position have you found is the least messy, etc.

Anyone out there had a S/O who didn't seem up for it but then you convinced them it might be a good thing to try?

Thanks in advance cause we had sexy plans for the next few days and the period decided to be consistent for the first time in literally ever 🙄