UPDATE! Can anyone help?


I'm in denial and am finding it hard to let myself get excited.

I've taken pregnancy tests within the last 3 days, different brands and they've come out positive. I had a miscarriage 6 weeks ago and haven't had a period since. A couple of days before I miscarried, I had negative pregnancy tests. since then I was taking pregnancy tests to make sure that they weren't coming out positive. Then when I took the ones Friday, Saturday and today they've all come out positive. My hcg levels were really low when I was pregnant before I miscarried so I wouldn't thing that it would be leftover hcg. The first 3 were taken first thing in the morning for the past few days. The test strips were taken this afternoon.

UPDATE: So I ran to the store to get a different test and see what that came out at. Turns out, it came out dark and positive within 10 seconds of the start of it. Maybe I am pregnant after all.