Ramzi theory and million pregnancy tests

Kasia • Love, respect, selfdevelopment

Hi Girls, is it only me or are there some other girls who also wanna screem seeing others endlesly posting photos with "Ramzi me" texts? It gets on my nerves so much I feel like writting the whole lecture under every single one of them. Ramzi doesn't work!!! Check it in any SCIENTIFFIC source. Its credibility is 50%... which is not more or less than guessing!!! Ughrrr Same with those who do 10, 20, 30 pregnancy tests. Really? Cheez... And no, I am not a cold b* refuzing myself some fun. I also asked family and friends what they think I'm having. But at least I am not believing in any Ramzi shramzi hocus pocus. Anyone with me there?