I'm losing my mind over a $1 broom and he doesn't understand why.

I NOT ALLOWED TO BUY A $1 BROOM. I literally have not left the house in 6 days. When we need things, I text him and he buys it on his way home from work. If he thinks we don't need something I ask for, he "forgets" it. On the (very) rare occasion I go to a store alone, I must have a list. If I don't have a list, I'll buy "pointless shit we don't need". He wants to know what I'm getting, so he knows how much money to give me. He is careful to give me exact change to buy what's on my list. If he wants something, he'll buy without thinking twice. But me? Unless I NEED it (tampons, Tylenol, etc.), I usually don't get it. Because things like socks, shoes, mascara, face wash (why can't I use baby wash), etc. are a waste of money. BUT he has a good reason. I'm a smoker. Been a smoker since before we met, and all 16 years we've spent together. He didn't complain much about it until last 5-6 years. But about 2yrs ago, he decided I only needed to smoke 1 pack a week (from 1 pack a day ). I could smoke more, he just wasn't paying for them. Which is why he can't trust me with money. Apparently I buy packs and packs of cigarettes when I have money unsupervised.

He has a job, I'm a SAHM. I'm not allowed to have money or access to it. He literally keeps all the cash we have in his wallet (which he keeps under his pillow when sleeping). He's at work 7-7/m-f-with our only car. He does NOTHING at home-It's not his job. He goes to work to do his job & my job is the house & everything/everyone in it is my job (we have 3kids).

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