My MIL is gross

Mayra • 🌻☀️🍕
I live with my boyfriends parents. His mom is not clean. 
1. She's cooking will go touch th dogs, sweep, touch everything come back to cooking and won't wash her hands. 
2. She doesn't mop w a mop. She gets a dirty towel, puts it under her feet and mops that way. She picks up up (DOESNT WASH IT) puts it on the counter top and cleans her hands on it while she cooks. 
3. She uses the bathroom and doesn't wash her hands.
4. Picks at her teeth, feet and hair then marinates food with her hands without washing them. 
6. The sponge that we use to wash dishes, she uses it to wash everything that has dog hair. 
I have told my bfs about all of this, but he says he can't say anything bc he doesn't see it happen. I don't eat here bc it grosses me out. Idk what to do bc she's always wanting me to try her food. Help.