Anyone else had issues with bacterial vaginosis?

I’ve had BV years back - I assumed then it was largely due to lifestyle (I was young and had multiple partners at the time). Unfortunately when I got it years back I got it a few times in a row along with thrush. (Sorry I know this is an unpleasant topic.) I just had my check-up/smear, and tests came back for BV (I hadn’t noticed any symptoms!) I’m married and definitely only have the one partner now. The doc says it’s not considered an STI, and that it doesn’t necessarily come from doing the deed. I’m now on antibiotics for the next week. I recently went on vacation where I indulged in a few bubble baths (I don’t have a bathtub at home) so I’m thinking that might’ve thrown off my internal flora. Anyone else have issues with this, and any tips to prevent reoccurrence? I do not want another round like I had years ago where it seemed to be every few months I was on antibiotics for the damn BV!!