Am i a horrible person?

Okay so my fiance and i have been together for a year and a half. In the time we have been together he has been working part time at publix for the past 8 years. He has tried moving to full time but he has been moved around from one department to another and his managers told him he needs to remain in on department long enough to become full time. Now my fiance, when we first met, did not plan to go to college. Said he doesnt want to go because hes afraid of failing.

Now i know theres this saying out there that says if you truely love a person you will stick by them no matter what.

Hes 24 and he had no plans for the future. Now lately we have been talking about moving out on our own and starting a family and i told him we would not be able to do that unless he does something with his life.

Im 20 working part time and going to college.

He asked me what i wanted him to do. I told him he could either get a second job, go to college, or join the military. We both talked it out and he wants to join the military.

But i dont really think he wants to so i told him he still has college and could get a second job. And he said no hell join the military. But he hasnt really shown that he wants to join. Yeah he excerises twice a week but thats it. He hasnt taken his asvab, and he doesnt do anything else except excerise twice a week, play his video games, and work part time. I dont feel like hes going anywhere in life. And i feel like god sent me here to help him overcome his fear of failing in life..

About a week ago we got into a huge fight about it all and i told him ill leave him if he doesnt do SOMETHING with his life. And it was like a smack of reality in his face because now hes pushing himself extremely hard into getting into the military. He told me he never wants to loose me. And i told him i will not leave him UNLESS I ABSOLUTELY have to. Meaning if he keeps going the way hes going without getting another job, or going to college, or joining the military i will leave him even if i dont want to. Which he say he understands and he will do whatever it takes to keep me by his side. But i feel like a horrible person for trying to get him to change... am i a horrible person?...