I’m trying to have an adult conversation but he’s not

I’ve been trying to talk with my boyfriend and he’s acting like a child. I wanted to have an adult conversation about our relationship and he just wasn’t having it. I want to break up with him because he isn’t the right guy for me. I do love him but he just isn’t the one. (Cliche I know.) He just doesn’t make me happy. I’m always miserable with him. We never went out on a date and we’ve been dating two years. (I’m 18 & he’s 21) and when I talk about going out he just says that’s lame and boring. Or when he’s in the mood he’ll say he’ll take me to the mall. THE MALL!? I tell him that’s a date for 13 years old. I mean come on a fucking mall? Then again when I want to go out he’ll tell me no. We’ve been together since I was 16. I literally feel like I lost my teenage years on him. At 16 you go out and have fun with boyfriends or friends but me I was stuck in the house. I’m just not happy anymore and when I try and talk to him about my feelings he makes everything seem okay or he’ll get mad. I’m don’t trying to talk to him. It’s got to the point where I’m not even speaking to him. I haven’t spoke to him in 5 days and he still blows up my phone. I just don’t know what to do.