uhh is this right???


so my mom is on food stamps. I dont. live with her I have my own place but she's on food stamps for my three younger siblings. my sister Jess who is 17 my brother Jason who is 12 and my baby sister Casey who is 5. now my sister jess is a senior. in rotc girl, scouts, anime club, year book, and is take college photography courses. she asked my mom once for a phone and she couldn't afford so my sister got a job at McDonald's herself and paid for her own phone. and even offered to help pay mine in exchange for putting her on my plan. she's being super mature and I'm proud of her. but the issue is, the food stamp office is want copies of my little sisters pay stubs because they consider her part time income as income to the house. she doesn't even make enough to pay a utility bill. only enough for her phone bill and few items that wants. my mom has never asked her to pay bills. but my question is can they legally do that? she's a child.