Loss of Appetite PP??


I am 2 weeks PP and have had pretty much no appetite since my C-Section. Also had hypermesis my entire pregnancy from 5 weeks until I delivered at 34+3 and threw up a LOT the whole time. My daughter is still in the NICU and I spent 59 days in the hospital before I had her. I had my incision check today but forgot to mention the loss of appetite. If my husband doesn’t ask when I ate or mention food I forget. I ate at some rice at 10am and didn’t remember to at the NICU and when my husband got home from work He asked at 11pm and I had forgot all day zero hunger. My doctor put me on a very low dose of Zoloft today as PPD is extremely common in the NICU and I had a very traumatic pregnancy when I lost her twin/being in the hospital so long/her being in the NICU. I randomly burst into tears like my husband and I ate at Olive Garden the other day and I’ve been having nightmares of something happening to my daughter (like when her lung collapsed the day after she was born) and me not being able to get to the hospital in time because I live 45 minutes away and I woke up absolutely sobbing. I’ve just been very overwhelmed. Could the loss of appetite be part of the PPD or is it a normal hormonal thing PP???