Do you support interracial relationship?

I’m was an emigrant who came to a new country different to mine when I was 9. And i grew up with people who were different to me and they treated me like their own. But still to this day I feel like there are a lot of problems and barriers if I were to go for an interracial relationship. I think it’s mainly because of how I grew up here, i’m asian and i find it more difficult for me to talk to other asians nowadays because of our different interests. So to be frankly i dont find any attraction for asians at the moment because we have no common interests and we arent able to talk as much.

Most of my friends are of mixed race, caucasian or polynesian. And i do find some of the guys in my class with darker skin colors attractive but this worries me because of what other people probably thinks, you hardly see an asian-polynesian couple or an asian-black couple so most of the time i feel like i have to go for an asian like me or be in an asian-white couple because its most common to do so. What are your thoughts on interracial relationships? Would you be okay with dating someone of a different culture, skin color?

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