Maternity clothing rant

Ugh! Not many stores sell maternity clothing anymore that I can find. I finally found a motherhood maternity store near me so I went shopping for some new pants. As I was picking out pants to try on, the sales woman came to me and asked how far along I am so I told her 14 weeks. She looked at me with such a judgemental look and couldn't figure out why I was on the store. I told her I was looking for clothes I could feel comfortable in since my pants no longer fit. She proceeded to tell me I wasn't going to get any bigger and could get away with regular pants. I am pretty sure I'm going to get bigger lady, I have at least 25 weeks left! I was really mad and didn't want to buy anything but knew I still had to if I wanted to be comfortable in my clothes. I'm sorry that I'm a classy lady and prefer things I can look nice in and feel comfortable. I am not the type to squeeze into my clothing. I work in an office and have to be presentable! Ugh have some respect lady, I spent $100 in your dang store!