Words of encouragement...?

DH and I have been TTC for 9 months, we finally have started the fertility process, he got SA back- low motility, low count... My ob/gyn is pretty sure I'm not ovulating because I've never gotten a (+)opk. Anyway... Last month my period was only 2 days and pretty light (which is really weird because I'm always 4 days long since I can remember). And although my cycle length has varied slightly since going off BC a year ago(28-30 with one 33)... I'm now on day 36 but I don't want to test because I know I'll just be disappointed by a BFN and I just keep feeling like my period will eventually come... I also don't "feel" pregnant (yea I know it's early and everyone is different), I just feel like my period is on its way- bloated, slightly crampy, and annoyed at the world. I'm so frustrated and have never been more confused by my body.