My husband really hurt me

We've only been married for 3 months. He has a kid out which he told me before we got married. Once we got married he changed totally.

Got a call from someone in the U.K that she's the mother of his other child just some days ago. There is another child he didn't tell me of. He lied and denied every bit of it. I couldn't believe it. When I showed him evidences. He starts begging. Then on Thursday , he said he was traveling for work. I did monitor him , to find out he didn't leave the city. He was in an hotel with his friend smoking ! Till now he's still denying it. Left me home alone thursday-Sunday. I'm back in with my parents. Packed out He hasn't called nothing to even reach out. Should I move on with my life although its tough. I'm so lonely and hurt. Or if he comes back could it be rectified... what do you ladies think