My husband really hurt me

I am going to live with my parents who are living in an another country coz i really miss them and i am pregnant and my mom is dying to see me...but leaving my husband for even a day makes me hurt so bad.. i have been crying two nights in a row now.! I wanna go and see my parents andI am gonna miss my husband ( i know. Pathetic)

When i was packing tonight i was searching for my passport in the room when i saw a small box. It contained a some bottled papers ( cute cute small ones) and a piece of paper in the shape of heart..

When i was about to open them he snatched it from me and didn let me see it.. i made fun of him asking “ which ex’s gift 😜” and took it from him.. he got angry and took it from me and left the room.! I was soo sad.. he didn even come to sleep with me today.. and here i am like a stupid fool crying my eyes out.. i am going tomo for 3 months and this is what i get..

I just wanted to openly say it to someone..