Anyone else NOT want a baby?


I want to be a mother. I desperately want kids.

But I have no desire to have a baby. I don't care about that stage. I feel like I'm the only woman who isn't all gooey-eyed over infants. I like toddlers-8 years old best.

I don't dislike the baby stage, and we will have a baby because my husband feels strongly about it. But I feel like when women fantasize about having children, they imagine rocking a swaddles infant. I imagine taking them for walks and laying on the floor with a coloring book, or doing puzzles and watching movies. Picking them up from school and letting them help me bake.

Is this odd? Does anyone else feel this way?

(And before anyone suggests it, we are going to adopt an older child from foster care, but my husband also really wants a newborn, so we will continue to try for one of our own in a few years (taking a break now until I can quit work. PCOS is making me miss too many days))