Mild cramping and spotting ****UPDATE****


I am 6 weeks along and since ovulation I have been having mild cramping. It all subsided a few days ago, but in its place I started having what I believe is round ligament pain. Today along with round ligament, the cramping returned and on one side. I started getting really light headed all day and could not function through normal activity. Then I had some very faint spotting this afternoon in my CM and then just now on the toilet paper. Does any of this sound like hormonal symptoms or some other issue?

UPDATE 11/07/17

Went to my OBGYN. Found out I have a polyp just hanging outside of my cervix. Doctor said it was hormonal kinda like a skin tag. She said when I have the cerclage, it will be removed, but until then I might experience some spotting with sex or exercise.