Crock Pot Recipes!!

Kris • Bethany Emilia LeRae Moreno💞 April 20, 2019🤰🏼

So I don't ever use my crock pot and I have 2 of them. last night I came across a chicken enchilada crock pot recipe and that it looked easy so why not. and now Im wondering why i never use it... the recipe was simple and tasted pretty good I should have added one more can of enchilada sauce though. (l combined a couple of recipes instead of using just the one I found. lol. Any way I put the chicken breast and a can of red enchilada sauce and cooked it all day while I was at work (8 hours) shread the chicken and mixed in half a thing of cream cheese a can of black beans a can of red beans a can of corn and a small thing of sliced olives (I will probably leave the olives out next time) also some shredded cheese. mixed that all together and cut some strips of corn tortillas added more cheese on top and a few more olives and cooked for about another hour. Let me know your favorite crock pot recipe!!