Praying for BFP

I don't know anybody where we have just moved and my family simply doesn't understand what we we're going through. I can't even keep count of the pregnant women in my family. So I just wanted to let it out here. My husband and I have been TTC for baby #1 over a year now. With so many BFN's not a single BFP. We have unexplained fertility. We are both in late 20's. I ovulated Oct 28. Since then my boobs have been nonstop sore, feel heavy and mild nausea. I've never had these symptoms a little soreness for a day before ovulation but it's never lasted this long. My husband is deploying for the second time in early January 2018. So time is running out. I pray this is finally our month. It just has to be!!! My husband (a typical shows little emotion, muscle, army man) has been treating me like I'm pregnant. He actually talked to my belly. I know so crazy because it's so early but this has all felt so different. AF is (not) due Nov 13th. We will be so heartbroken yet again if she does.