So recently i was noticing my boyfriend has been deleting texts and having phone calls with his old friends, which normally i dont mind. And i know he would never cheat, but he use to do drugs and hes been sober for 4 years now, but a while back when it started happening i asked him what was going on he said he was just catching up with old friends, but eventually he told me the truth that he wanted to start selling drugs again (we're trying to save up and move into together) but ive always told him i would leave him if he ever does them again. And i asked him about it saturday and he said he doesnt even talk to his friends anymore, but that night he got a text when he was asleep saying "i got 2 pills if you want them" and i deleted it before he saw. and i have no idea what to do.. i honestly dont believe he would do drugs again but everything is adding up.. i just wanna cry i dont wanna lose him 😭