Hi there! Im currently 24 weeks in, and I know in your first trimester, it's considered normal to always feel hungry, however, I was pretty violently ill in my first, and never felt that constant hunger I was supposed to feel. Now that Im in my second, I've just started feeling insanely hungry.... like INSANELY hungry. I ate a whole T-bone steak (like a pound of meat to myself) and a generous helping of baked mac and cheese for dinner just a few hours ago, for example, and even after finishing my plate I was thinking about root beer floats. I held off though, because I had one earlier, so I ate a few kiwis instead. Now Im laying in bed and feeling actually, legitimately hungry again, as if I'd skipped dinner entirely, and my little boy is kicking to let me know I need to get up and find some food. I'm happy to indulge him, as he clearly needs it... but is this normal? I know I have a test to find out if I have gestational diabetes in a few weeks, and now I'm scared its a symptom. Anyone else have this issue?