So, I have bipolar disorder. Which I am being treated for. I have been doing great. I have my normal ups and downs as everyone does. But for some reason this month I have been so overwhelmingly depressed. I tried to tell my psychiatrist but I feel like he didn’t really hear all that I had to say. My depression and anxiety have been so bad that I’m actually late 8 days on my period and I pretty much have really severe pms still. I has a breakdown this past Friday at 2 in the morning. I tried to talk to my boyfriend but I already had annoyed him because I had freaked out on him because my anxiety. Now I’m so afraid to be abandoned. I feel like a burden to him. I hate feeling this way. I want to feel like I can go to him anytime I need him. And he was just upset telling me I pick bad times to have a breakdown. Or why can’t I do this during the day.

I tried explaining to him that I don’t choose these things. They just happen. I don’t know what to do.