finally, 38wks 5days, welcome Penelope


It's my turn to tell me birth story. We couldn't be more happier. We are so in love with Ms.Penelope Jane Green. Hoping this story isn't so long.......... So let's go back to my last Dr. appointment on Wednesday, I was 38 weeks, got checked and was 4cm dilated, doc says how about you make an appointment for next Wednesday just in case but I doubt you'll make it. I was so happy to hear her say this. So I kept walking and having fun with the hubby just to help bring her, Saturday I just wanted to give up and not do anything anymore to help bring her and just let her do it on her own. Sunday comes 11/05, I wake up with pain in my back, not bad but just not comfortable. All I wanted to do was relax, so that's what I did. At one point I got in a warm bath after a bath, I was feeling up for doing stuff. I had a family member in town for the weekend, so I went to visit, got all the questions and comments about still being pregnant. So I get contractions but they are never painful but I do feel very little pressure. So later at night I have my husband walk with me for a mile and then take me to just get checked for the fun of it. And when I say for the fun of it, I mean it. I just can't tell I'm contracting, they feel more like BH. So we arrive at L&D;, I get checked and, what do you know I'm dilated to 5cm. I get monitored for an hour and now I'm 6cm, all while not being able to feel these contractions. I get super excited and find out we are being moved to a room to have our daughter. the nurses are shocked because I look like I'm not in labor and perfectly fine. which I was. around 12:15am I'm now 7cm, and I meet the epidural person and being in no pain I just decide to get it just because I didn't want to need it later and be in pain, and I'm terrified to feel the burning everyone always talks about. So this slowed down my contractions but I still needed to thin out because going in I was about 50% still and little by little I was getting there just stuck at 7cm. So around 6am they give me pitocin to kick these contractions up. boy did it. i still cant tell im having contractions, but I started to progress, around 7:30 I was at 8 1/2cm, so the nurse told me any minute now she will be here. Im getting excited but nervous, at about 8:20 She starts preping the room and says I'm ready. I was shocked. she had me do a practice push, she immediately tells me to stop pushing. I laugh and she calls the doctor, she had to call the doctor more then once, she took a while to come, doctor comes in and has me push twice and she was out at 8:55am on 11/06/17 weig

hting 8lbs 6oz, 20inches long.

my only daughter is not an only child anymore. She is so happy she has a little sister now. excuse her dirty feet (gross I know) she has a thing about being bare foot. she will be 8yrs old on November 25th.