Recurrent ovarian cysts


Hello, I’m 6 months in with Mirena and I keep getting really sharp pain on my right ovary. At my 6 week check up the dr said they were probably cysts that ruptured. He performed an ultrasound and both my ovaries were fine. That was back in June. Now, months later I still get them and it hurts really bad. I have a high tolerance for pain but this just throws me to the floor in pain almost crying. As I write this I’m in my tub with hot water to see if I can ease the pain because I’m having them today as well. I waited the 6 months to see if it would get better but it hasn’t. Anyone else experienced this? Do they ever go away?

Also, I still get my period every month, with a few days late but it still comes. And I can still feel my strings and sex is not painful at all. Please anyone who has a bit of insight on this!