Venting about pregnant family/friends

Nic • Our TTC journey began 7/13... after 4 MMC and 1 CP, we welcomed our rainbow baby on 3/17/17 and he's amazing!

What is it with pregnant family/friends who think that avoidance is the way to address our recurrent pregnancy loss? Just because I've lost 3 pregnancies in the past year doesn't mean I can't pull up my big girl panties and be happy for those around me who are fortunate to carry a happy and healthy pregnancy to term.

By avoiding me, you're only acknowledging your own guilt not being compassionate towards my loss. My sister-in-law has not made any effort to get together since becoming pregnant in August and after our most recent loss, I only received a text message to express sorrow over our most recent loss. Somehow I'm supposed to act like 40 weeks of avoidance never happened once her son arrives next week? And somehow it will be perceived that I'm jealous or grief stricken over my losses and her successful pregnancy. No I'm angry you've cut me out for 40 weeks as though I have leperacy..... not a leper, just RPL... thanks.