Tooth extraction - feeling sorry for myself

I knew I had a cavity in one of my molars since the first trimester. I was trying to wait until after baby came to have it looked after. Everything I read said to try and wait. The tooth didn't really cause me any pain.  I just had to be diligent in cleaning it (which I was). 
Well, last night I sat down to eat dinner and 3 bites in I felt my tooth crack in half. After pretty much a sleepless night (I thought my tooth was going to fall out all night) I got an appointment with a dentist today. The tooth could not be saved and I had to have it pulled. 
So now I have a gaping hole in the side of my mouth (it was a molar at least) but I'm super mad at myself). Of course, I made it to 38 weeks..... Couldn't have waited just a few more weeks for this crap to happen!