ok ladies I need your help/advice

I know nobody here can answer I understand that but atleast an advise soo my Af is 3days late my Af only last 4days so I suppose to be done tmr if I was on it so my Af always been only one day late the latest but this month I feel different I was cramping last week It went away Monday my nipples been hurting when I touch them never felt that.. My fiancé and I did have a lot of sex last month wouldn't be surprise if I was anyways I took a hpt mid day yesterday kinda forse my self to owe tho . Came back negative. Now just a min ago I went to pee and like two drop of very very kinky pink almost orange drop on the toilet I wipe and it was the same color when I wipe again nothing came out I am not sure what's going on I am paranoid when should I test again ?? Thankyou sorry it's long