In need of advice!!!

Good morning ladies!! So about 3 weeks ago my friend introduced me to a guy named Joshua. He is 30 and I’m only 23. The age does not bother me at all! What does though is that a couple weeks before we met he filed for divorce from is wife and they are legally separated now. He has told me that him and I hanging out will not effect anything dealing with the divorce. I’m taking his word on that one because I have no idea. Like an idiot I’ve already had sex with him 🙈 which is not something I do on the regular unless I really like someone, which is stupid because I know that he’s going thru a divorce ya know? We have not talked about if we are exclusive or not 🤔 I really like what we are doing now! I go over to his and we just hang out, it’s not heavy at all! I’m not ready to jump into a relationship with anyone much less a man that’s going thru what he is. So I’m not trying to push anything deeper or needing a label for what we are doing. So here’s what I need to know 🤔 would it be weird if I asked if he was talking to anyone else or having sex with anyone else?