Faint lines am I pregnant?

I’m 8 days late for af. I have been getting super faint lines (they almost look like evaps and I never believe them) on blue and pink dye tests since 10dpo (Clearblue Plus, walmart .88 first signal, dollar general one step, dollar tree assured and Veriquick). I went to the dr and they said negative (though I had just peed 30 mins earlier) . My lines aren’t getting any lighter or darker (though I pee a lot, I don’t test consistently and drink tons of water cuz I’m thirsty). I really feel pregnant (sore nipples, cramping since 5dpo, no bleeding whatsoever, super high cervix, creamy/ewcm, dog tired). This would be my first pregnancy and I would be 5 weeks today. I live in a super small town and the dr office here didn’t have an ultrasound tech so I’m going to have to go to my hometown hopefully if they can squeeze me in next week. Did anyone else not get super dark lines on a urine test but was still pregnant? TIA!