Did you have heavy implantation bleeding?

Okay i appologize ahead of time for long post. I will make it short as possible...okay so been ttc baby#1 for abt 8 mnths.... i ovulated(earlier than i thought) on October 18th. (according to my tracker i was spose to ovulate October 31st and period was due november 15) well wht i think was 'af' showed on the 3rd...my periods are usually very much ontime and the same every mnth. Day 1 is light day 2 and 3 gets heavy with cramps and day 4 lightens up and leaves. well this mnth day 1 was rather heavy with cramps and then day 2 and 3 were very very light spotting. this was very unusal for me. i took a couple of hpt amd they were vvvvf. been having a couple lil symptoms so goin to test again at end of this week...is it possible im pregnant or that was implantation bleeding? what do you think? thank you