Should not lie

I came off the pill in May 2012, tried for 6 months then took a break for 9 months while husband was in Afghanistan and have now been trying for 6 months since hubby got home.
​I didn't want to wait full 12 consecutive months before being tested because by then ill only have 3 months before my husband deploys again and if anything was wrong We wouldn't have time to fix it so I decided to tell my dr a white lie. I told her I came off the pill December 2011 but didn't really try until May so she sent me for routine lab work and told my hubby to get a semen analysis done (he hasn't yet). She said she wouldn't send me to an infertility dr until July/august which was fine by me because I just wanted to put my mind at rest so I'll stop stressing. However another dr gave me my results today (all normal) and said she was just going to go ahead and refer me to infertility specialist. 
​My question is this, if we haven't been trying for the full 12 months and there isn't anything wrong will any of the special tests do me any harm and will they be able to tell I lied about the dates by my body. Sorry for the essay