My boyfriend says he isnt good at the little things

Been with my bf for 2 years. he comes from an typical nj italian family where is mom does all the work and the men watch and play/make a mess. He has been growing up and finally doing things he should have learned while growing up (i.e. laundry, dishes, & putting clothes not on the floor) but he isnt learning to pay attention to details which leaves me feeling pretty awful. By details i mean if im coming home later than him leaving a lamp on se i can see because i always do for him, if i ask for him to make me bacon or something he doeant complain he just does it because i always make coffee for him, or when i ask him to help me the help happens and he doesnt just ALWAYS forget. I feel like I can trust him to remember things that are important and it honestly stresses me out so much.

Any advice?