I went from unsatisfied to COMPLETELY FUCKED

One is tall dark handsome and muscular thick. sexy as shit and the other is the complete opposite short browns skin beautiful white smile. Nice athletic body tattoos on his stomach and arms and neck. Both have really big dicks. I mean thick dicks long dicks. the taller one is bigger than the shorter one but you can tell unless you get really close. Anyway the tall one came by to talk about work his life stuff relationship that he feels isnt going anywhere. im doing my hair in the mirror .We were legit friends until today. It went from him squeezing my butt as I walked pass to the bed. We already in my room on the bed talking clothes off. Sex WAS AMAZING. he stay a little after and went on about his day it's only 11:00. so u went back to doing my hair it was majorly fucked up now. by 12:15 Short dude calling me. I've fucked him before. He's a head monster..eat pussy like no other. He's like I'm in ya neighborhood want me to come through and just chill with you for a minute nothing extra will just be hanging out and talking and catching up I haven't seen you in like months. I'm like okay so I let him in the house while I'm finishing my hair. then he asks me for some and I'm completely honest and tell him I just had sex with my other friend and he doesn't care... wtf I tell him no for like a hour and he rubbed it up against me so I fucked him too oh well it was fuckin BOMB TOO i let him eat the box too.. my entire life left my body. within a couple hours two bomb ass men .. who thought my Friday would be this interesting btw all this was with protection