Gender prediction old wives tales!!

Sidney • 25 - married for 4 years - Kimber Lynn 🎀 baby #2 due June 19’

Sooo guys, a week and two days until I find my gender out so let's pass the time - tell me what all old wives tales you've tried and the results, also for those of you who know now what your having add that so we can see just for fun what tales were correct for you and what was not!!

I've done:

Ring and hair - boy (I think it was back and fourth whatever that one is)

Draino - girl

Chinese calendar with lunar age - girl

Baking soda - boy

Heart-rate - girl

Nub-theory - boy

I'm 3/3 for the most part I've been back and fourth with my old wives tales lol I'm open to try more if I've left any out! ❤️