How come it is so hard for me to conceive?


I'm sorry. But I need to vent on here for a minute. When my Husband and I first began talking to some of our friends about conceiving I was told by my brother in law that it only took one try having both of his children. And I was also informed that it didn't take but one month for their parentsto conceive him or my Husband. I guess you could say I got my hopes up. My Husband and I have been trying for a little over a month now. And we have had no luck. My period is almost a week late and I'm still having negatives. Granted, sometimes my periods aren't regular. My frusteration stems from all of the talk and hype that was done beforehand. Now I feel guilty because I think I am the one with the problems or I am the one that's going to make it take so long. I know that we have only been trying for a month. But damn it....Ill be 29 on Sunday and there are times when I feel like life is going to pass me by without children. All of the fears come back into my mind. Will I even be able to have kids and make my Husband a Father?

Any one else in the same boat? Am I just whining? Someone please help talk me out of all of this doubt.