How to approach month 2 ??

Kennedy • 3rd pregnancy 🤰 Expecting baby #1 22nd August 2018 💜💙

I need help on how I should approach month two TTC ??

Option one ... take vitamins, take OPK, track glow, track CM and track cervix ( when I’m doing this I’m obsessed and never off glow) Baby dance every two days. I did this month one but don’t think I realised how much it had taken over my life ! Test from 6days before af !

Option two.. take OPK(I ovulate different times each month so it’s good to know) take vitamins. Baby dance when I wanna 😬 don’t test until missed AF ??

Option 3.... do nothing try to forget! I know I would find this hard as I would worry I missed ovulation with it being different everymonth.

I’m voting for option 2 for this month ? I want to see what everyone thinks I should do ? I’ll go with the majority ❤️❤️ BABY DUST TO ALL!!n

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