He did it..

Me and my husband have been together for 2 and a half years, married for half a year.

We were laying in bed and he said he was texting some girl- so I asked to see his phone, he said no so I walked out of the room and he threw his phone at me (while im holding our 8 week baby) he comes after me and rips the baby out of my arms (forcefully i have marks on my arms from it)..

(I came from a very abusive relationship prior to this one and he knows how bad it was)

So i start freaking out so he tries to hold me down, shaking me and trying to make me look at him.

Ive never seen him like this and is scares me, i told myself if I ever was in an abusive relationship that I would leave. What do I do please help.

Update- we just talked and he said sorry- I wont let him touch me, and he told me "be happy all I did was pull your hands away"

Guys help me- my family lives up the street, he wont let me leave with the baby.